Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service 

■ Article 1 (Object)

The purpose of this rule is to stipulate the conditions and procedures for membership and other necessary matters.

■ Article 2 (Activity and change of rules)

1 The contents of this rule are valid by consent and notice upon membership registration.

2 The content of this Regulation may be amended (changed, deleted or added) if the Site Steering Committee is deemed necessary, and the amended rules will take effect in the same way as in paragraph 1. above.

■ Article 3 (non-rules)

Matters not specified in this Regulation shall be governed by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act and other related statutes.

■ Article 4 (Scope of members)

1 In principle, membership shall be made only in Chinese characters.

2 Non-members cannot use bulletin boards in specific areas.

3 Members shall be collectively referred to as members and non-members.

4 Other matters not mentioned shall be subject to the general standard of membership.

■ Article 5 (Members' obligation)

1 The members shall comply with the provisions and notices of this Regulation.

2 The official members shall not do any of the following acts.

1. An act that damages another person's reputation or infringes on their rights without due cause.

2. Harming public order or customs

3. The act of defaming or obstructing the operation of this Site.

4. An act that threatens or is recognized to be associated with a crime.

5. The act of engaging in member activities in violation of this rule.

6. Other acts in violation of current laws

■ Article 6 (Restrict member registration)

In the case of any of the following, the member may be deleted, moved, restricted access to the user, and suspended use without prior warning.

1 In case a member violates his or her obligations under Article 5;

2 When posting or linking illegal adult and pornographic materials to a bulletin board.

3 If you post or link to a bulletin board that violates copyright and copyright.

4 In case false information is entered upon membership registration.

5 In case commercial advertising is issued without the consent of the members.

■ Article 7 (Privacy of the bulletin board)

1 All rights to the copyrights of the postings on the bulletin board belong to the publisher of the postings.

2 The publisher of the bulletin is responsible for all legal matters relating to the message.

■ Article 8 (Change of contents and additions)

If the Commission determines that it is necessary, it can add, change, or delete the contents of this homepage, and the contents can be posted on the website or notified separately.

■ Article 9 (Management Operators' Responsibilities)

The personal information of the members who have learned about membership registration shall not be leaked, distributed or used for commercial purposes without their consent.

However, if there is a request made by the relevant agencies based on the relevant statutes, the request can be complied with by the committee's discussion.

■ Article 10 (Management of this Site)

1 The publisher of the message is responsible for posting, changing or deleting the message on the bulletin board.

2 Maintaining the original and the copy (backup) in preparation for the loss and loss of the bulletin board is the responsibility of the publisher of the bulletin.

3 If you believe that postings by specific members and non-members hurt the operation of this Site, you may recommend corrections to the publisher of the postings or block access to the publisher of the postings. In this case, the publisher of the article shall be informed of the blocking of access immediately.

■ Article 11 (damage compensation and immunity)

1 The member shall be liable for any consequences or losses caused by acts or activities not permitted by this Site, and this Site shall not be liable.

2 The members or the steering committee of this site shall not be held liable if they violate the provisions of this Regulation for natural disasters or unavoidable reasons.

3 The company shall not be responsible for compensating the members for any damages caused by the suspension of this homepage operation.

4 The member shall not be responsible for any operational problems of this site due to the reason attributable to the member, and the member shall compensate for damages incurred by the head office.

5 The Company shall not be responsible for matters such as reliability or accuracy of data provided, posted or transmitted to the members.


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