[Crypto-bridge Listed] GASH Coin / PRE-SALE Sold Out.

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[Crypto-bridge Listed] GASH Coin / PRE-SALE Sold Out.

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GASH is committed to building a green energy network, delivering green energy products to poor areas, and rationalizing the supply of energy products through large data analysis. Green energy products are mainly solar energy, windpower, biogas power and waterpower products, helping people in poor areas to solve basic living and basic agricultural electricity problems. Together with manufacturers of energy products, we develop low-cost products and carry on the GASH network to analyze the operational data of energy products, adjust and improve the research and development of energy products through the data, and adjust the delivery of low-cost energy products in different regions. For people who can't afford to buy, we offer them free energy products through charitable donations. Our goal is to benefit one million people and their children.

   We will get resources by releasing POS and MASTERNODE coins. We hope to generate transaction value through GASHCOIN in the trading market and to receive donations through MN sharing, which will be used to distribute energy products to poor areas and develop new products with data analysis capabilities.

GASHCOIN LOGO has changed. Because the original LOGO and Gravium (GRV) were too imaginative.


GASH is now trading on the CryptoBridge Decentralized Exchange!





Coin name:gashcoin
Block reward:10 GASH
Masternode collateral:1500 GASH
Masternode reward:50%
Block time:60 seconds
Total supply: 21,000,000 GASH
Premine:105,000 GASH(0.5%)
P2P port: 20202 RPC port: 20302







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