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What Is Blockchain Immutability?
Immutability can be defined as the ability of a blockchain ledger to remain unchanged, for a blockchain to remain unaltered and indelible. More succinctly, data in the blockchain cannot be altered.

Each block of information, such as facts or transaction details, proceed using a cryptographic principle or a hash value. That hash value consists of an alphanumeric string generated by each block separately. Every block not only contains a hash or digital signature for itself but also for the previous one. This ensures that blocks are retroactively coupled together and unrelenting. This functionality of blockchain technology ensures that no one can intrude in the system or alter the data saved to the block.

It is also important to know that blockchains are decentralized and distributed in nature, where a consensus is made among the various nodes that store the replica of data. This consensus ensures that the originality of data must be maintained. Undoubtedly, immutability is a definitive feature of this technology. This concept has the ability to redefine the overall data auditing process and makes it more efficient, cost-effective, and brings more trust and integrity to the data.

How Immutability Is Achieved
As I explained above, the hash value secures each block of code separately. Though, the point of interest is how it establishes immutability. To comprehend this scenario, you need to understand cryptographic hashing.

Cryptographic Hash Basics
Today, generating a cryptographic isn't dreadful, as modern programming languages are provided with several "hash functions." With these, one simply needs to pass a set of bytes and the function will return a checksum signature.

There is no dearth of functions under this umbrella; however, the SHA-256 is popular in the blockchain space.

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