Short Term Dip Incoming for Cryptocurrency! | Retire with Dogecoin and Crypto!

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Short Term Dip Incoming for Cryptocurrency! | Retire with Dogecoin and…

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Short Term Dip Incoming for Cryptocurrency! | Retire with Dogecoin and Crypto!
The crypto market looks to be getting close to over bought territory in the short term. The RSI is at the top of the range and looks like it could be getting ready for a short term reversal. This means there could be a dip in the short term as we look for a level of support to bounce off of and head back to the upside! Dogecoin is ready to blast off but is waiting for Bitcoin to make it above 41 thousand dollars! Dogecoin and Bitcoin are looking like there could be a short term dip but both are looking extremely bullish in the long term! More great news continues to emerge about the crypto space and I think that as mainstream adoption continues so will the pumps in price action! This is a Dogecoin and Cryptocurrency news update and price prediction for today, July 29th 2021! Dogecoin to the moon!
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