Cathie Wood & Elon Musk Talk About Cryptocurrency! UGRENT News! ARK Invest ARK/ETH/BTC

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Cathie Wood & Elon Musk Talk About Cryptocurrency! UGRENT New…

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Cathie Wood and the ARK Innovation Fund ETF's performance was struggled recently. ARKK ETF with its portfolio of high growth tech stocks such as Tesla, Teladoc, Coinbase, Roku, and Twilio have had poor investment returns as potentially higher interest rates have affected the valuations and subsequent price targets for some of the stocks in Cathie Woods' portfolio.

After watching this video you will have a better understanding of the following topics: Cathie Wood's portfolio, what stocks Cathie Wood owns, Cathie Wood's thoughts on bitcoin, Tesla stock, Cathie Wood's investment strategy, ARKK fund performance, ARKK portfolio, and tech stocks to buy.
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