Cryptocurrency; Yes or No! "I apologize in advance for the poor audio quality in this video!"

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Cryptocurrency; Yes or No! "I apologize in advance for the p…

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My thoughts on Cryptocurrency.
Thanks to everyone for your very thoughtful comments! Also many thanks for your comments about the horrible audio quality of this video and the suggestions to purchase a new microphone. The irony is that this video was recorded with a brand new microphone. The microphone is either really bad or I'm a terrible operator. I'm fairly certain I'd have the same experience with Cryptocurrency that I did with the new microphone so I will continue to leave the Cryptocurrencies alone!
I was going to take this video down but apparently some of my video's message is getting through. I will do another video on Cryptocurrencies sometime soon.

I just posted a new video this evening about silver and all the audio problems have been worked out. I went back to my old microphone.
All the best to all of you!

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