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The NPAY network was designed by the Kryptonite OÜ, a cryptocurrency development Co., Ltd. from Estonia. Given the increasing popularity of digital assets and blockchain, traditional investors demand more significant exposure to digital assets and blockchain-based technologies. However, many things can be «lost in transition» concerning the integration of the world of digital currency and the world of traditional finance. Providing a seamless payments system between cryptocurrency and conventional assets is the underlying philosophy behind the NPay Network.
Merchants, buyers and sellers, who use digital currencies, currently have to interact with several counterparties to successfully carry out their transactions. These counterparties being traditional banks, payment networks and financial services companies.
The majority of them do not understand the nature of digital currencies, which can cause frustration, account freezes, losses and not to mention the various inefficiencies associated with it. With the blockchain, a growing number of users and businesses are beginning to struggle to leverage the existing infrastructure to manage the transfer of funds for making payments for goods purchased and also for receiving payments. NPAY is designed as a completely decentralized Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency based on the quark algorithm which was developed for the sole purpose of revolutionizing the traditional online payment system to create a new payment system based on the blockchain technology which will make online or in-store payments faster, anonymous and more secure.


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In this section, we aim to clearly outline and discuss certain problems which the NPAY coin aims to tackle and also discuss our proffered solutions. Despite industrial disruptions and advances with the blockchain, digital payments between customers and retailers of physical services in an e-commerce ecosystem are underutilized. The digital payment systems have retained the main holders of the sector, with many APIs and legacy contracts with traditional financial institutions, banks and credit cards. Despite the benefits of cryptographic payments, such as minimum or no fees, increased speed and barriers to entry, precise and advanced progress in the security of transactions has not yet been implemented in the market. Customers want and expect a robust consumer protection system that protects their purchases and offers a refund when necessary. Providers, on the other hand, prefer to obtain more income but are cautious about the volatility problems associated with accepting cryptocurrencies. Having the best of both worlds would be amazing as this is what the NPay platform is creating.




For merchants who own online stores, the integration of the NPAY payment system as an alternative to payment methods such as PayPal or credit cards offers significant benefits. 
With NPAY coin, payments are not border-restricted, so it does not matter if you buy things from someone a few miles away, in the nearby city or on the other side of the world. 
NPAY will offer its coin users a way to receive almost instantaneous payments: there is no delay of three days, as is the case when credit card payments are expected. As the rates are very low (as low as 0.0001 or even less), the large fee cost is not transferred to the consumer.
 NPAY is the ideal option for the integration of ecommerce since our platform has a robust and faster network, as well as powerful token control functions, which allow merchants to receive payments faster without restrictions.
 NPAY is a fast, secure and stable payment method. With NPAY, Users, Merchants and customers can easily store, send and receive NPAY anonymously and securely through the use of both desktop and mobile wallets and this will significantly facilitate money transactions in any form. When it comes to frauds and chargeback being experienced within the e-commerce ecosystem, NPAY is well positioned to deal with it. Merchants also enjoy the benefits of NPAY’s irreversible transactions, which put an end to fraudulent chargebacks. There is no payment process which unilaterally cancels a sale transaction, as usually happens when the client unfairly states that he never received the item. E-commerce support teams are often on the client’s side, according to regulations, at the seller’s expense, but with NPAY, all decisions are treated objectively, and fraud is eliminated.




Users Can Use POS Wallet On Satowallet


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