[POS/MN] SafeGames [SGS] - Build your own Game

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[POS/MN] SafeGames [SGS] - Build your own Game

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Build your own Game
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The credibility of Safegames platform is substantiated with acquired experience indeveloping working product. Our team decided to develop Safegames platform and Safegames cryptocurrency to offer its customers the very best service, selection, quality and value.
Maxieminds team working on development of Safegames platform consists of 10 full-time employed game developers.
Safegames develops online playing platforms, online games and online (((casino))) games. We already developed Coin2play which has a purpose of a showroom forSafegames and its existing and upcoming game products.

Blockchain can also provide more trust in (Game)s and transparency for customers. Games that integrates crypto might is also seen as more progressive and adaptive to new technology, than one that does not.
Safegames offers only carefully checked slots to avoid any form of fraud. There is also a demo period which gives players an opportunity to try all games for free. 
Safegames does not require any fees for deposit replenishment. Users are able to play games they are fond of around the clock, no matter if it's Sunday night or Friday morning
Blockchain technology can give consumers better insight into how a Game operates and make it impossible for a “house always wins” scenario to be true by any form of manipulation or setup. 
The evolution of money diversifies its course in comparison to previously known concepts. Furthermore, industries fast pace growth and development set out new trends. In conclusion, cryptocurrency-based projects, regardless their form and purpose, are postulates of our future.

Our blockchain-gaming development team thrives to introduce new innovations and perspectives to online (((casino)))s. Safegames will be a platform which will provide
B2B service. Transaction via Safegames platform will be denounced in FIAT, BTC and Safegames cryptocurrency.

Customers wanting customized products can be assure that our offered solutions are their best solution. Safegames will offer white label products.

Each time a Safegames white label product is sold:
- 10 % of income will be invested into Coin2play showroom marketing promotional
- 10 % of income will be invested into Safegames marketing promotional activities
- 80 % of the income will be proportionally distributed among Maxieminds 10
developers who are full time engaged in Safegames project

Our blockchain-gaming development team thrives to introduce new innovations and perspectives to online (((casino)))s. Safegames will be a platform which will provide B2B service. Transaction via Safegames platform will be denounced in FIAT, BTC and Safegames cryptocurrency.

Safegames Coin - Specs

SGS Coin
Name - Safegames
Ticker - SGS
Type - PoS/MN
Block Time - 60 seconds
Block Reward -  80% MN / 20% PoS
Masternode Collateral - 5,000 SGS
Algorithm - QUARK
Total Supply - 205M
Premine - 1%


Official Links 

WEBSITE: https://safegames.cc/

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Yumzfkf

EXPLORER:  http://explorer.safegames.cc/



GITHUB :  https://github.com/safegames/safegames/releases

WIN WALLET 32bit: https://github.com/safegames/safegames/releases/download/v1.0.0/safegames-qt-1.0.0-x32-win.zip

WIN WALLET 64bit: https://github.com/safegames/safegames/releases/download/v1.0.0/safegames-qt-1.0.0-x86-win.zip

LINUX WALLET 32bit: https://github.com/safegames/safegames/releases/download/v1.0.0/safegames-1.0.0-x32-linux.tar.gz

LINUX WALLET 64bit: https://github.com/safegames/safegames/releases/download/v1.0.0/safegames-1.0.0-x64-linux.tar.gz




Pre-Sale Info

SGS Presale
Presale of Masternodes 

Price breakdown:

Phase 1 - 10 x 0.8 BTC

Max of 4 MN per Person.

CONTACT - @PLAY ADMIN#8316  464151868382248981




[ANN] Translations (50 SGS per language)

Arabic - 
Russian - 
Italian - 
French -
Spanish - 
Portuguese - 
Chinese - 
Japanese -

Google translations or any other machine-generated translation will not be paid.
All translators must keep their thread updated.
Translators must have at least 2 previous examples they can provide before approval.

All future bounties and campaigns will be held on our discord server here. We are also looking for Community managers, moderators as well as graphic designers. If you think you can fill one of these positions please send us a DM on discord!

Our mission is building a solid global game conglomerate by nurturing, investing, acquiring professional developers and high potential growth game-companies.We want to grow together with cryptocurrency trends and users perceived value. 
Our efforts are put into trying to pave the way for future projects by ensuring our platform is cryptocurrency- friendly and user experience orientated. Our motivation arises from notable growth potential of our market niche.
Safegames will be Platform which will provide Business 2 Business products which every company can order Any game or platform is easy to make with us. 
Maxiemind have more the 10 full employed Game developers which wait for only you. Make your job better with our development.
We also work with:
- Android/IOS platforms: Java, Android SDK, Swift, Objective-C
- backend: PHP, Laravel, Yii/YII2
- frontend: Bootstrap, Javascript, ReactJS, HTML5/CSS3


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