Grimble [GRB] | PoW Cuckatoo | MimbleWimble |Private | Low Inflation |

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Grimble [GRB] | PoW Cuckatoo | MimbleWimble |Private | Low Inflation |

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What is Grimble?

Grimble is an anonymous PoW cryptocurrency based on the MimbleWimble protocol, with
a supply curve that encourages early investment and discourages the
extreme price volatility seen in other MimbleWimble based cryptocurrencies.


Grimble has no amounts and no addresses. Transactions can be trivially
aggregated. To hide where a newly created transaction comes from, it
gets relayed privately (a "random walk") among peers before it is
publicly announced.


MimbleWimble leverages cryptography to allow most of the past
transaction data to be removed. This allows the blockchain to stay very
small,  and guarantees Grimble remains accessible for everyone.

Open To Everyone

Grimble is developed openly and transparantly. The coin distribution is
designed to be as fair, with a small 0.2% premine meant to encourage
further development, long term support and innovation. The 0.2% premine
will be used for development bounties, to reward community
participation, to compensate the developers for their effort and to
encourage long-term viability.

Grimble supply curve

Grimble has an initial block reward of 60 coins per block, with a 1
minute blocktime. After each cycle of 25,000 blocks, (slightly less than a month) the
reward is decreased by 1. The block reward is continually reduced by 1, until the block reward reaches 3 coins per block, at which point the reward remains low indefinitely to encourage
long-term viability. After the 57th reward adjustment, the reward
will reach 5% of its initial value and remain at that level indefinitely.

Please see the graph below to see the supply curve we’ve chosen.

Full details can be found HERE:

Community Initiatives

We offer several bounties for help from the community. Can you create a pool, explorer or help otherwise? Contact us via Discord or Twitter and we can work something out. 

Grimble specifications

- Algorithm: Cuckoo Cycle PoW      More info HERE
- Block Time: 1 minute
- Block Reward: Dynamic (see schedule above)
- Total Coin Supply: infinite
- Coinbase maturiy: 1440 blocks
- Pre-mine: ~ 0.2% of the block reward generated in the first 3 years*
- Founders Reward: No
- ICO: No
- Masternodes: No

* The premine will be used solely for marketing purposes, development
costs and community bounties.


Grimble background
Learn more about MimbleWimble technology. You can find Andrew Poelstra’s Mimble Wimble Whitepaper HERE

Coming soon! (Contact us) 


Coming soon!


Coming soon! (Contact us)

Get Involved!

- Twitter:
- Discord:
- Forum: (Coming soon!)
- Website: (Coming soon!)

Grimble Mining

All Grin mining software is compatible with Grimble mining.
Software and guides below can be used for Grimble aswell. Make sure to change the port number. 

How to get started:

- About:
- Linux GPU Mining Guide:
- Linux CPU Mining Guide:
- Payment Guide:
- GitHub: 


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