ONE WORLD COIN Time to move MN's to your Mobile!!!!

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ONE WORLD COIN Time to move MN's to your Mobile!!!!

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The creators of CryptoFlow, the near instant Fiat to Crypto transfers payment platform, are delighted to introduce you to the One World project. One World is a new and innovative project keeping with the initial CryptoFlow Mantra of making Crypto more accessible for everyone.

In today’s fast paced culture, we often eschew our desktop computers opting instead to use the computers we have in our pockets. Unfortunately not everything has caught up with this trend, especially in the world of Masternode coins. One World aims to change that!

With the One World APP you will be able to run a wallet from any coin project that has signed up with us on your mobile phone. Not only will you be able to send, receive and view transactions like most mobile wallets, but as a first in the Masternode Space you will now also be able to stake coins in the APP wallet from any of the projects available on the One World platform. Furthermore, you will also be able to set up and run Masternodes directly from within the APP forgoing the need to have wallets installed on your desktop computers. Everything in the palm of your hand ready to go with the push of a few buttons.

The amount of wallets you wish to run can be fully scalable to meet your needs and fee’s for the service can be made not only in One World Coin (OWO) but also in CryptoFlow (CFL).

The One World APP will initially be available for Android followed shortly after by an iOS version.  The platform will be open to all Masternode coin projects that wish to be involved and provide their communities with a really useful service. We will also have great incentive plans to encourage more projects to sign up with us.


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